August 26


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What is the problem

Navigating the healthcare system for ABA therapy is practically impossible for the average american family. Once a child receives a diagnosis, the parent is typically provided a long list of therapy options -in short they get no clear direction of what they have to do next. Families in most cases become first aware of the issue by their kids’ pediatrician yet not receive a clear direction for treatments. Unfortunately, it isn’t until behaviors become unbearably severe that families are given a referral for ABA. They either finally report the behaviors to their pediatrician or they find us on their own out of desperation for help.

The pandemic did not help

Throughout the pandemic, families experienced even more difficulty due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Regular medical appointments were delayed which means children were unable to receive a proper, timely diagnosis. To make things worse, many ABA companies struggled to keep their doors open or they completely shut down.

Looking at hope

At Colorado ABA therapy, we have maintained services for our families through the pandemic and continued to help all families who come to us. We work closely with the top six pediatricians in the area including Children’s Hospital who trust us to provide the best therapy solutions possible. In addition, we collaborate and co-treat with the child’s Speech, OT, school team, and mental health providers to create cohesive wrap around treatment plans that are proven to work.

By being a leading ABA provider in the Denver area, we have seen first hand what ABA can do for the families we service. As we focus on the core needs of the child and family, we are able to help that child reach their full potential. For example, we had a child with such severe behaviors he was unable to attend school. After about a year of therapy, we were able to slowly transition this child into a mainstream classroom with proper support for success. He is now thriving and well equipped to step with confidence into his future.

The pandemic was a great opportunity to reflect on our process and vision as a provider which made us stronger as a team. By keeping our doors open to all families, we have been able to provide hope for their future.

Early intervention is one of the greatest elements to success. We want ABA to be accessible to you and your family as soon as possible. Don’t wait, act today and take control of your future.


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